Last night was the 53rd Grammy Awards, & unfortunately I didn't watch because I got home late from Seattle & had to study for a test until 2am :(

My favorite part happens to be the red carpet, so of course I had to check out Yahoo to see what everyone wore...


As I recall, the Grammys was about glitz & glamor... it was one big HOT ASS MESS!

What I dont understand is why some were looking better at the PRE GRAMMY GALA than at the actual awards show!

* * * * *

Well, here are some of my favorites, as well as [in my opinion] some complete fails.

Sara Bareilles: I loved this dress on her. Very elegant, & the red looks really good on her.

Jennifer Hudson: One of the best dressed! She looks absolutely stunning.

Jennifer Lopez: JLO, I need this dress girl! Not many people can pull off a cute short dress at the grammys, but she KILLED. Another one of my favorites.

Natasha Bedingfield: Lovey. I don't like the bottom as much as the top, but it's still a very pretty dress, & the color works great for her.

Bruno Mars: Looks adorable :)

Keri Hilson: HOT! Still on the fence about her hair here... & it would've been more elegant if the dress was long, but still hot :)

Janelle Monae: Nice & Sophisticated. It still bothers me that she's had this same look for like 3 years now, but at least she's being true to herself... & didn't show up trying to over-do it like the majority of the celebrities.

Naya Rivera: Long in the back, short in the front seemed to be popular that night... I think she pulled it off the best

now onto the ugly.

Haley Williams of Paramore: I like shopping at Hot Topic too... but that's not a good place to get a dress for the grammys.

Nicki Minaj: I love different, but this is a disaster. The hair-do wasn't ok on SNL, & it didn't look good here either. No comment on the outfit.

Usher: umm... no-go.

Willow Smith: I think she's adorable, but why did Will & Jada let her play dress up at HOME, & then gave her permission to wear that at the grammys??? :(

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