Trend Alert: Sneaker Wedges.

At first I was a bit skeptical about sneaker wedges; I like the fact that you can be comfy & cute, but the idea of a "chunky sneaker" simply did not appeal to me lol. However, lately I have come across some really cute pairs & the trend is starting to grow on me! The question is... how long are they gonna be around? Is this a lasting trend, or will it fade away after a few weeks? Below I have posted pictures of sneaker wedges that I would definitely rock... how do you guys feel about them? Yay or Nay? :)

Marc Jacobs


Deena & Ozzy

Giuseppe Zanotti


Gilroy Garlic Festival

Last Friday I attended the Gilroy Garlic Festival for the first time w/ mom & grandma :)
There was music, vendors selling interesting items, beautiful weather, & of course delicious food! I got some world famous garlic fries & devoured them in about 30 seconds lol. It wasn't packed since we went on the first day, which i enjoyed because hot weather + hundreds of people bumping into each other = no fun at all. A huge negative for me was the music; way too much country... it would've been nice to hear a variety of genres.
I made sure to steer clear from the garlic ice cream! I am usually up for trying anything new, especially when it comes to food. However, a few years ago I tasted some wasabi ice cream, & it was the most dreadful thing i had ever eaten! After that experience I vowed to never eat strange flavored ice cream again. I wish i hadnt stuffed myself with garlic fries though, because i really wanted to try some fried gator that one vendor was selling! I don't know about the kangaroo though... that's too much for me lol.
Over all I had a good time. If you ever spend a summer in northern California, that's one event you should definitely attend :)



i started using tumblr again... i forgot how addicting it was! lol i dont have a theme though... i just post what i like along w/ pics of myself. feel free to check out my page supreme diva, & follow me :) for those of you that have one, leave you link in a comment so i can check yours out as well!



Before returning home from my 4th of July trip in Reno, I picked up a new friend! I've named her Dolce, & she is a 3 month old miniature pinscher. Min pins are my favorite toy breed, & i was ecstatic when I found her on craigslist. She is as sweet as can be, & I have really been enjoying her company. I am hoping to enroll her into some training classes & eventually make her a therapy dog. I have yet to introduce her to Desna, my 2 year old Siberian Husky [view Desna's post here.] He has been living with my dad, who absolutely loves him. She met Kuba, our 6 year old chow mix that lives w/ my mom... he was so excited to meet her. But yeah, i'm sure i'll be posting plenty more about the loves of my life soon :)


blog etiquette

some people like to keep it PG while others drop the F bomb every other sentence... but is there really such thing as "blog etiquette?" under professional circumstances, of course. however people like myself use their blogs for self expression, & for the most part, type the way they normally speak. personally i am not offended... i believe it falls under freedom of speech. but what about employers that want to check out your social media skills & creativity? just about everyone uses foul language, employers aren't any different; they're people too. This really concerns me though, because I want to apply for a position at a few media companies & some want to see your blog, facebook, etc. My blog as a whole is not relevant to these companies, but my skills are... so of course i'd like to show that. Its not like i have any raunchy photos, posts in regards to how i feel about my current job, or any nonsense for that matter... so i should be in the clear, right? lol i guess we have to wait & see.



many people get hyped about the NBA/NFL, which is coo... but its really all about TRACK & FIELD! the 2012 Olympic Trials are finally here, & people are about to see what a REAL athlete looks like. [yeah i said it. lol] Good luck to my t&f divas Vashti Thomas, Jeneba Tarmoh, & Marissa Minderler who are turning their dreams into reality... do your thaaaang yall :)