Before returning home from my 4th of July trip in Reno, I picked up a new friend! I've named her Dolce, & she is a 3 month old miniature pinscher. Min pins are my favorite toy breed, & i was ecstatic when I found her on craigslist. She is as sweet as can be, & I have really been enjoying her company. I am hoping to enroll her into some training classes & eventually make her a therapy dog. I have yet to introduce her to Desna, my 2 year old Siberian Husky [view Desna's post here.] He has been living with my dad, who absolutely loves him. She met Kuba, our 6 year old chow mix that lives w/ my mom... he was so excited to meet her. But yeah, i'm sure i'll be posting plenty more about the loves of my life soon :)

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Frugal Dionne said...

I have been looking for a mini pin to be my new best friend. Wish me luck lol