My boo Kid Cudi / New Earrings

"give a fxck about cha lifestyle, give a fxck about a motherfxckin' lifestyle"

i love kid cudi, i really do.
Hurry up october 29 NOVEMBER 9th!!!

At first I was pissed about the release date being pushed back, then I saw this video of him explaining why its not dropping till 11/9:

:) :) :) :) :]

by the way, i bought some funky earrings today (technically yesterday? since its 1am... ahh whatever)

gotta have gold accessories.

craziest earrings ive ever seen. they remind me of carrots...

& these remind me of a hot air balloon/circus tents.

idk why i was so drawn to these; i guess it was the shape/color combo.

iight, lemme go to sleep. GOODnight ♥

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Amari Carter said...

loving the earings check me out!