back in session.

I feel bad for neglecting my blog :( & my readers!!! Glad to see I have a couple of new followers ♥

SOOO school has started, so most of yall know the deal. Once again, I have a busy schedule :/ My classes aren't too bad this semester, i'm actually pretty excited! I'm taking 15 units, & 3/6 of my classes are journalism so this fall should be very interesting :)

Well a few weeks ago I bought the September issue of Vogue... has anyone else taken a look at it?! Its effin fabluous!!! I'm lovin' it ♥ I wish I had a scanner so I could share a few of my favorite spreads with you guys... hmm, lemme just google a few things to show you instead :]

In the issue, there are a pair of bad ass Louboutins that I have fallen madly in love with:

now you can't tell me those aren't hot!!! I love the zipper in the back.

I also admire these Cesare Paciotti heels:

There were some Paciotti boots featured in the magazine that I can't find online... they're over-the-knee & have that scrunch look in the front. Those were hot too :)

OH, guess what? Last week, I bought my first bottle of mascara! I know some of you are like big whoop, who the hell cares? lol but I dont wear makeup & dont know shxt about it. If I wear some, it's to a HUGE event, & it will be somethin like gold eyeshadow. Anything other than earthtones makes me look like a tranny haha so I stay away from most makeup.

Revlon Grow Luscious - There was a dramatic ad of it in Vogue haha. I bought it in black...it cost about $8.00. Which was cool I guess since it came w/some eyeliner. I dont have the longest eyelashes, & can definetly see a difference when applied. Doesn't clump, has a really long brush, & so far I like it :) I definitetly recommend it :)

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