I grew up a tomboy, & honestly didn't give a rats ass about getting a pedicure, which lipgloss was the most sparkly, or anything glamorous. But that all changed my freshmen year in college; i wanted a fresh start! I was tired of my "nubs" & decided to go get my nails done for the first time. Before then I did not realize how creative you could be with nails. All the different designs, colors, nail shapes...it is truely art. With that said, I have been obsessed with nail art for about 4 years now ♥

This is how my nails currently look. Got em' done about 2 weeks ago, so its actually time to go back :)

Nothing extravagant this time. Just EXTRA glittery w/ 1 design. The glitter is just a top coat called "star" by Revlon...I bought it @ walgreens.

The base is #40 violet blue, by Sation [my favorite nail polish next to OPI]

I'm getting bored w/ the squared look, so I might get pointy next time. NOT round, POINTY! like cat claws, lol a lot of people despise pointed nails, but i think they're cooler than round & more interesting than squared. Here are some nails that I think are pretty sick:


Anonymous said...

I usually wear mine clawed.!
I think theyre schexiest that way.

Rhea said...

Those are some amazing designs!