blog etiquette

some people like to keep it PG while others drop the F bomb every other sentence... but is there really such thing as "blog etiquette?" under professional circumstances, of course. however people like myself use their blogs for self expression, & for the most part, type the way they normally speak. personally i am not offended... i believe it falls under freedom of speech. but what about employers that want to check out your social media skills & creativity? just about everyone uses foul language, employers aren't any different; they're people too. This really concerns me though, because I want to apply for a position at a few media companies & some want to see your blog, facebook, etc. My blog as a whole is not relevant to these companies, but my skills are... so of course i'd like to show that. Its not like i have any raunchy photos, posts in regards to how i feel about my current job, or any nonsense for that matter... so i should be in the clear, right? lol i guess we have to wait & see.


Carmela said...

My mother always told be be careful of how you carry yourself, because you never know who's watching. The same can be said about blogging; you have to be careful of what you say/ write, you just never know, but I think you will be fine. Your blog is a testament to who you are, so if they don't like it then they wont like you and if they don't like you then they can kick rocks :)

Deirdra said...

i absolutely agree Carmela; you do need to be careful of what you say/write - especially with the huge development of social networking... people who dont know you personally will go to the internet to find out more info about you, & will create their perception of you from based on that info. & yes "if they don't like it then they wont like you and if they don't like you then they can kick rocks :)"

thanks for your insight!