A few weeks ago, my girl Latoya & I had lunch at this place in midtown called SUP [soup]. It has such a lovely atmosphere, & they have an array of soups, sandwiches, & salads to choose from. It was a beautiful day in Reno, so we decided to eat on the patio.

I couldn't decide if i wanted a sandwich or a wrap, so i got the crab & shrimp salad w/ mango vinaigrette turned into a wrap [above]. Despite its appetizing appearance I was a little disappointed... I thought the meat was going to be warm, & they definitely gave me cocktail shrimp.

I think Toya got the club sandwich w/ turkey & bacon, she said it was pretty good. We both received salads & a little chocolate chip-oatmeal cookie w/ our meals. Overall I enjoyed our little visit & im sure we'll go again. But next time ill try not to be so fancy & just get a bread bowl :)

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