Friends With Benefits?

Sorry I haven't been posting lately... school has been getting the best of me, so i've been on the grind for the past few weeks. It's currently hell week & i have a couple of finals to knock out, so while I have some life left in me I thought it would be a good time to post lol

Today's topic of discussion is: FRIENDS w/ BENEFITS.

So there's this guy that i've know for about 2 1/2 years now, & we've become really good friends. The other day we were having a nice, casual convo until he goes "soooo what's up w/ us though?"

I go on to say that I think we're cool... we're just really good friends.

Apparently he's liked me for 2 years, & i saw some of the signals... but i ignored them because i wasn't interested in being anything more than friends. Plus, I had been in a relationship until earlier this year, so nothing could have happened between us.
Friendship doesn't appear to be enough, & he basically asks if we could be friends with benefits.

From what I know, FWB is just having sex w/ someone, no strings attached. WHAT HAPPENED TO LIKING ME THOUGH???

The messed up part about it was when he said "well i think we could try being FWB first, & if that works out, we can move on to the next level."

MY INTERPRETATION OF THIS: if the sex is good, then we can actually start dating.
Really? -______-

I personally believe that its not a good idea to be FWB w/ someone that you have some kind of "new-found" feelings for. EX's MAY be an exception, but we'll discuss that another day lol

I explain to him that I dont see how FWB would get us on track to start dating... that's not showing that you like me, & won't increase your chances of getting with me. There isn't a dick in the world that could persuade me to like someone that i initially did not.

Then he has the nerve to say that he respects where im coming from, but we should test the waters... SMH

I had high expectations for this "friend" of mine... but that whole conversation just proved that he's like the majority of guys: horny & afraid of some type of commitment.

[BY THE WAY: after this happened, I ironically rented the movie FWB w/ Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis... it was ok.]


Kenzie Leigh said...

smh sometimes i think guys really dnt put much thought into what comes out their mouths lol like after he said i respect where you coming from..but we should test the waters. huh?? is saying that suppose to change your mind? lol

Deirdra said...

exactly! i felt like this conversation could have went a lot smoother if he had his words together & actually put some thought into this. i mean, i still would've said no, but i would have a little more respect for him... as of now i don't have any.