Holaaaaa mis amigos :)

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday w/ family & friends... & had plenty of food :)

While I was home I went out w/ the bffs, & as usual we had a blast!
HOWEVER, there were a few ratchet things that we encountered lol & i would like to take the time to address them. These are behaviors that men/women should NOT condone in when going out to a club:

1. Pick up lines.
- I dont know what's more corny than a pick up line. Especially one's like this:
Guy: Hey girl wassup? You like chocolate?"
Me: umm sometimes.
Guy: Well could I be your flavor of the week?
Me: *laughs* uhh no.

2. Wearing inappropriate clothing.
- WOMEN, its absolutely ok to be sexy. Its NOT ok to wear things that aren't your size!

3. Ratchet dancing.
- there's nothing wrong w/ wearing a dress to the club. but if you know you're bout to drop it like its hot on the dance floor, try to do it w/ some class! showing everyone your panties while dancing is not cute.

4. Being clingy.
- If we dance together once, that doesn't mean I wanna dance w/ you all night!

5. Taking off your shoes in the club.
- if you can't tough it out, then you have no business wearing those heels.

6. Phone etiquette after the club.
- light conversation is fine. such asking how the person's night went & letting them know it was nice meeting them. It is not ok to ask for a picture! Either you're implying that you forgot what I look like, or you're a creep.

7. Letting your drunk friends talk ishh to others.
- Being drunk is not an excuse for you to let your friend call a complete stranger out of their name. The person will obviously be offended, so if it happens just apologize on his/her behalf & get them to the car asap.

lol that's all i can think of at the moment. OH DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW TONIGHT @ 10! im sure it's gonna be amazing :)

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M I N G said...

ahahhaa. these are so true!