Like the majority of female bloggers out there, I have been craving to own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Its a must have for anyone that loves shoes, but they're expensive... which is why i still dont have a pair! Even if i saved up enough money to buy a pair of the cosmos or spiked heels [which are the styles i actually want], i dont know if i would be able to go through w/ the purchase! hahaha i'm sure the quality is great... but paying $150-$300 on some heels that i'm not gonna wear EVERY SINGLE DAY is a negative for me.

So i've decided to go the alternative route, by buying a similar shoe... i would call it a knock off, but since they're Steve Maddens i won't refer to my shoes as that... since they're from an actual designer unlike charlotte rousse or F21 lol.

They're Steve Madden Carnabys. Ive seen a wide range of prices on them... from $80-$180. I got mine for $46! super deal.

i've seen a few other versions of the lita, but w/ the exception of the buckle, i like these the best.

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Indiyyaa said...

These are definitely hawt!!!