Shoutout to my fellow "Super Seniors!"

School started this week, & like most first weeks it was chill. Syllabi, introductions, new faces, familiar faces, long ass lines in the financial aid office... all that. Fortunately all my teachers are cool [so far anyway.], & i only received one h.w assignment :)

I'm glad the weekend is here though! I'm praying that I get this job... hopefully ill find out today. & im going to the rib cook off for the first time, super excited!!! I should have some pictures up soon.

Well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Be easy ♥


mecca said...

"Super" isnt the word... I've been doing my undergrad for 6 1/2 years now and i can't wait to graduate in December! Good luck to you, time is going to fly by!


Deirdra said...

Oh wow! Well at least you're gettin' the job done :)

Thank you, & good luck to you as well!