Looks like grandma's closet.

The weather will be changing up pretty soon, so I went on a journey to find some cool things for fall. I went thrifting, & found a thing or two at every shop I went to! It was some much-needed retail therapy.

As for my purchases, I am very pleased. I plan on wearing a lot of patterns this fall, & i've never been a fan of neutral colors... so most of my things will be pretty bright. This is what I found:

My "Kanye Blouse."

Floral Cardigan.

The Net Jacket.


sick ass messenger bag.

animal tote :)

cute little dish for my rings.


Dub said...

that messenger bag is cold!
let me get that up off you?

Deirdra said...

lol fa sho... i'll let you borrow it sometime. :)

Mira said...

Love that first blouse! So out there :)