the thrill of thrifting.

As much as I enjoy shopping at the mall, I must say there is nothing like a good ol' thrift store. Growing up, we all knew that the one of most insulting things you could say to someone was "well atleast I don't wear clothes from the goodwill!" haha it was such a taboo back then, but now I have learned to appreciate the value of a dollar & can relate to the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

Now, i'm not saying I go to thrift stores and walk out with a whole new wardrobe lol, but I do have a thing for vintage accessories, & thrift stores are the perfect place to get them!

I had been looking for a little purse like this for a while, but everytime I found one the strap was too short, material was cheap, or the purse was too expensive. I mean c'mon - $30.00 & all I can fit in it is my wallet & possibly my car keys? No thanks. But I finally found one that's really good quality, has the long strap, even a little fringe zipper... & it was only $2.00!? yuuup.

I currently have a thing for earrings in particular, & i'm starting to collect pairs that look slightly out of the ordinary:

These 3 pairs were hand-made. The circular ones I actually got at this knick-knack shop called The Pepper Tree, & one of the women working there does glass-blown jewelry. I thought it was pretty sick how they change colors in the light :)

Thrift stores are a good place to go if you want to buy something that no one else may have, & also a good place to find old designer products for cheap. Honestly, how many people are you going to see rockin' the EXACT SAME 1982 blue nylon prada handbag as you? mhmmm. lol
Laterrr ♥

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