Happy Father's Day! / Let's Catch Up!

FIRST, i'd like to start of by saying Happy Father's Day! Much respect to the fathers who are part of their child's life. Real men taking care of business, & NOT just themselves. Also to those who are single parents, playing BOTH roles. Much love to all of you ♥

oK, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks... let's see, what happened?

- June 10: went to lil sister's HS graduation
- June 11: went to lil brother's JHS graduation
- June 13: my 21st birthday! My lovely BFFs helped me throw a party on saturday, & it turned out to be koo. Yeah, i was buzzed. Then sunday I had a BBQ w/ the fam ♥ t was chill.
- June 18:I got a puppy :) Unexpectedly, something happened to my car, so I took him back because I needed to pay for a repair & used the $$$ i was saving for his vaccines [he didnt have any] & i didn't want to jepordize his health :(

Im currently taking summer school classes, which aren't TOO bad since my teacher is cool & my classes are interesting [both are COM]. But yeah, thats pretty much it!

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