sin city.

My four friends & I took a trip to Las Vegas last Friday. I was looking forward to really enjoying myself, especially since everyone was saying i'm going to have the time of my life... but i did not. VEGAS IS SO OVERRATED. i dont give two fucks about how anyone feels about that statement, but i honestly thought it was just ok. Of course we went clubbin' but i've never been a party animal. so as far as getting wasted & getting up the next day to do it again... I'm not about that life lol. Im also not a fan of going places w/o having a set plan or any sense of direction, that happened a lot. I have no problems w/ the people i went with either, it just wasn't what i expected.
Saturday was coo though... i had so much fun ziplining on Fremont Street!
Sunday was poppin! We went to REHAB & hung out w/ some chill ass people from France. Despite the language barrier, I had fun coolin w/ them.
im considering giving Vegas another chance, but not anytime soon. I've been wanting to go there for Halloween though... idk we'll see :)

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