My Bucket List.

As graduation approaches, i've been on the grind...
& when i haven't had my head in the books, i've been thinking about the freedom I am going to have once i finish here. I have developed a bucket list, & although i'm not going to do these things the day after graduation lol, they are goals that I would like to achieve before leaving this earth.

- zip line through a jungle
- get married & have kids
- own a modern home
- visit the following places: Galapagos Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Philippines, Japan, Italy, Africa, Central & South America, Indonesia, Trinidad & Tobago, Indonesia, Mexico, & the Virgin Islands.
- experience Chinese New Year in China
- ride the world's tallest & fastest roller coaster
- attend Mercedes Benz Fashion week in NY
- assist animals in another country
- own a 1968 & 1971 firebird/trans am/camaro
- visit an active volcano
- grow a garden
- ride in a hot air balloon
- parasailing
- own an exotic pet
- visit a waterfall
- go to Carnival in Brazil
- see an aurora
- visit the world's largest candy store
- candle lit dinner overlooking the city
- own a beach house
- road trip around the U.S
- horseback riding
- attend the BET awards &/or VMAs
- own a pair of Louboutins
- sand dunes

yes, its extensive. but i have PLENTY of time to do it all.


Carmela said...

This has inspired me to actually write my bucket list out; there so much I want to do and like you said there plenty of time for me to do...also, I must own a pair Louboutins, too...and I'm going prasalling this summer in Ocean City. I'll let you know how it goes. Please do keep in touch.



Deirdra said...

I am glad that this was able to inspire you to make a bucket list as well! I will definitely keep in touch w/ you, & please be sure to fill me in on how your parasailing adventure turns out :)

- Deirdra