I was browsing interview magazine & came across the lovely article on A$AP Rocky, who happens to be one of my new favorite artists.

My obsession w/ this artist began last fall; when i woke up at like 2am & discovered i had fallen asleep on the couch w/ the TV on. I heard the melodic tune of "Peso" playing on SUCKER FREE, & that song instantly became my shit.

The next day I listened to his mixtape Live.Love.A$AP. Pretty damn sick.
You know an artist is legit when he/she creates an album that you can listen to w/o skipping any songs.

I later found out that he's actually part of a large group in Harlem, & they all use the first name A$AP, which stands for Always Strive And Prosper. Some of the crew members rap on his mixtape as well.

I'm always up for something new, & this guy definitely brings fresh material to the table. I could describe his music, but that wouldn't do it any justice, so check him out!

images are from interviewmagazine.com. Read the article on A$AP Rocky HERE!

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