So today I was sitting in study hall & overheard some guy say, "i don't get it... why do tall girls wear heels? its dumb, they should just wear flats!"

Did he REALLY just say that?! I'm a little over 5'9. Not huge, but taller than your average chick. so i was pretty offended.

We shouldn't have to lower our standards because you're insecure about YOUR height! & for the record, tall girls wear heels to be sexy, not to be taller. FLATS ARE NOT SEXY! Cute, but not sexy lol.

I have always been the tallest out of all of my friends until i met my best friend, who's 5'11 ♥

I have my fair share of what i like to call "tall issues." FOR EXAMPLE:

- in high school, finding the right heels so I wouldn't be towering over my prom date. Cute short heels are hard to find.
- LONG PANTS. This is always tough because my legs are long, but my waist is small... & a lot of brands associate longer pants w/ wider people. WTF
- Jackets w/ long sleeves
- Acquiring a tall boyfriend; many tall guys like short girls. I cant stand to see a 6'4" guy w/ a girl who's only 5'6".
- Sharing a table w/ someone without touching each others knees
- sitting in the back seat of a small car
- trying to avoid someone in the club

lol i could go on for days, but those are the major ones.

I love being tall! All tall people should embrace their height :)

WITH THAT SAID, check out Tall Swag, a fashion website for tall people. Site owner Alicia Jay is 6'6, & provides a great amount of info & access to clothing sites for tall people as well as her own clothing line!

My best friend also has a blog that's dedicated to tall people & their lifestyle, its called Vertically Blessed. She has some good stuff... whenever she feels like posting lol. Check her out as well :)


Atareeh said...

hahah i love this post. I like the fact that you pointed out that flats are cute but def. not sexy. Shoutout to all the Tall girls!!

JC|♥ said...

This post was wonderful!! Being 5'11, I can definitely relate to all your "TALL issues". I love being tall!..=]

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this post darling! lawl. Thanks for the shout out bestie. I was dying at the trying to avoid someone at the club, hah.