Happy Birthday Art Clokey

I saw the GOOGLE animation today, & had to post this in his memory. Arthur "Art" Clokey (October 12, 1921 - January 8, 2010) was a stop motion clay animation pioneer.

The following information is from gumbyworld.com:

He made the first music video, Gumbasia, in which colored clay shapes moved and transformed to the jazz rhythms. He was the first to introduce the use of clay models of objects, animals and people in television commercials. He was the first to develop clay animation techniques and the first to use them in full-length feature films. He invented trimentional animation based on kinesthetic principles, and it became the signature of his career. Gumby, his most famous character, is a pop-culture icon. He and his first wife, Ruth, also created the famed Davey and Goliath series.

I grew up watching Gumby, & today I still think that is one of my favorite cartoons. I still have VHS tapes, & YES, i still watch them! If you never watched gumby growing up, then I feel sorry for you. lol That is a piece of childhood GOLD that you can never make up. Well... i guess you can watch it on youtube, but it wouldn't have the same effect lol. To this day, I wish I could walk through books :)

Rest in peace Art Clokey ♥

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