i need to follow some new blogs :/

Half of the blogs that im currently following haven't posted for the last 5 months... lol SOOO i would love to be introduced to some new blogs!

If you know of any cool blogs, or if you have an awesome one of your own, I would love to take a look & possibly follow! Just leave a comment with the name/link of your blog, & tell me a little bit about it.

In the mean time, i will be designing a new layout for my blog; its hellaaaa old. ha :)



lol i have same dilemma. looking for new inspirations.

Britney said...

I found ur blog and be loving it =] i agree i have the same prob, i follow a ton of blog and half them never post.. britters89.blogspot.com if i wanna stop buy

Deirdra said...

Thank You :)
I will be sure to check yours out as well!