Last October, I adopted Desna (who's name was avalanche before the adoption lol) at the Nevada Humane Society. I even posted some pictures of him, which you can view in my archives. Believe or not, he's grown so much since then! Bad as hell though... he's always tearing some shit up hahaha but i love him :) he's so much fun, & good company to have.

Im getting ready to head back to school in a couple of weeks though, so he's going to be w/ my dad until i return. I'm gonna miss him :(

My mom was telling me I should get a little dog to keep me company... & one that I can actually control. lmao & i agree! My neighbors are giving me a chihuahua mix puppy for free... but i'm not too big on that breed. I still want a miniature pinscher, so within the next few months i will be on a quest to add a min pin to my family :)

I have so much love for animals, I wouldn't be surprised if I were to open up my own zoo lol. I even decided that if this journalist career does not work in my favor, I will enroll in veterinary school to become a vet assistant.

Its like I said on FB the other day,
I LOVE ANIMALS. They cannot lie, cheat, or mislead you. They don't care about what you look like, or any materialistic things you may possess. All they want is your love, & they will return it :)

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BANG: FWB said...

We got our first family pet about 7 years ago and I NEVER knew it was really possible to get so attached to them! Oh my gosh!!!! I know the feeling! It was so hard leaving her behind with my parents. =[

Don't forget: our chatroom is tomorrow at 8pm eastern & we're discussing relationships. =] We had a blast during our last one and everyone got to promote their sites and meet great people. Hope to see you there!

Kimberly FWB