Heeey everyone :)

Once again, i've been sleepin on this blog!
I really gotta stop doin that :/ i have many pictures [& stories] to share, so i will be posting those soon!!!

MOVING ON: literally. I'm getting a new apartment! I've been looking for places this whole month, & haven't been able to find ALL of these characteristics in one place:

1. Close to campus
2. Washer/Dryer
3. Within my budget
4. Not too dated

This is one of the many frustrations i've encountered on this journey... there's also filling out TONS of paperwork, waiting for people to respond to your inquiries, & driving somewhere just to see that it looks like a piece of crap. But it's finally coming to an end because I finally found something that met all 4 of my requirements! & they even allow pets :) i actually have a couple of places lined up, but one in particular has really caught my eye.

I constantly find myself looking at interior design stuff on tv & online, so i'm super hyped to get some new furniture & start decorating! This isn't my forever home, im just gonna be here for 9 months... but its still gotta be legit!

*but when i buy my own place, its gonna be swagged out to the maxxxx

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