50 TYSON - Diddy Dance ( ? )

soooo, 50 Tyson. lol. The kid that's pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper despite having Autism. Although inspiring, that doesn't necessarily mean everyone has to sympathize for him. I feel it would be a bigger sign of respect if people treated him like any other artist instead of posting comments under his YouTube videos saying how sorry they feel for him. People shouldn't feel bad, he's doin' what he loves :)

With that said, the boy ain't all that great lol, but I MUST ADMIT, he's showed improvement since the "I ain't gon lie" song. Both songs actually have OK beats! He just needs more work w/ his lyrics... but what up & coming artist doesn't have room for improvement?

Looking at the comments on YouTube, you can find people who give him great encouragement, haters, people who are inspired, and of course people who are straight up assholes. Like I said, he has some work to do...but he seems to have the drive that many aspiring artists lack.

I wouldn't be suprised if he was on 106 & Park or MTV Jams.
BTW, is it me or does it seem like people are tryin' to get in on his shine??? I mean there's nothin wrong with collabs, but he doesn't need yall in every video! Give him a chance to be solo.


ABIGAIL NY said...

A little more experience and he could be great!


Dee O. said...

Oh how I love me some 50 Tyson!!! One thing this child does know how to do is put a smile on my face, I really enjoy watching his videos :)


The New Deal said...

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Sunny & Star said...

Stumbled upon your blog and it is so cute! Love the banner.

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