WHY are these bags so effin' fabulous!?!

1st Bag: The Victorian - Collina Strada. $350.00
2nd Bag: Sierra Bag Black Diamond - ALSO Collina Strada. $360.00

I think I just died a little inside.


blissfully numb said...

hey just followed your blog. I love it mucho! I love your quote even more "Everyone should embrace their weirdness." Totally agree

A Kid Named TR3! said...

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stella said...

loveee the bagsss:hearteyes:

Mima Deville said...

those are too dope! Just followed you :)

Mima Deville said...

hey how did you follow me? Cant seem to find you

AMORstylez said...

omg i LOVE THeSes BAGs! i just followed your blog. your style is amazing! PLEASE FOLLOW MY BLOGS GUYS!