TEN - 10 - DIEZ

My goodness, what a LOVELY day to post. I'm so happy that the weather is on the warmer side yet again; I can't get enough sunshine :]

So this past Tuesday, I brought home a new friend from the humane society:

Isn't he gorgeous?! But like most Siberian Huskies, he's already a handful :/ he's a year old & his name is "Avalanche," which was given to him at the shelter, but i'm really not feelin it lol so im still tryin' to figure out what his new name should be. I like the name "Desna" which means boss in Eskimo, but idk...

I've been lookin at ALL kinds of names - Native American names, Egytian, Japanese, even different adjectives. It doesnt help that i'm indecisive about everything either lol. I just don't want it something predictable like Shadow or Hunter...then again Boss is pretty original, but it sounds cooler in eskimo haha. IM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS, so comment away!!!

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