"you out here talkin it. im out here livin' it."

I LOVE Wiz Khalifa. One of my favorite artists.

If you don't know about this man right here, where the hell have you been?! I think he's one of the best rappers out there.

His most recent single is "this plane," which is featured on the "Deal or No Deal" album. & might i say, that album is LEGIT. Along with "Kush & Orange Juice" which was released in April of this year. I can listen to both of those CDs without skipping any songs, & there aren't too many artists that can compile an album like that. So yeah, I suggest you check him out if you've been slackin.

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Morgan said...

finally a anotha girl blogger who's up on Wiz!!

Kush & Orange Juice goes INN..he's def a talented rapper.
Girl when I got a hug from him when he performed at my skool, i almost melted lol.

Dope blog

lovee to hav u as a follower: