Pnina Tornai

Growing up, I was not the little girl that fantasized about her "prince charming" and dream wedding. But now I watch these wedding shows and I get an urge to start planning out how I want my wedding to be! Seriously, everything from the venue to the cake, & most importantly the DRESS. I am guilty of watching the show Say Yes to The Dress. I watch it so much that I should be a part-time consultant lol. With that said, I already know who I want my dress designed by - Pnina Tornai. Her dresses are simply amazing to me! I am drawn to the detailing she puts into each of her dresses, and her designs always look up to date & really stand out. Especially the work she does on her corsets.

I LOVE this dress! Not a huge fan of net/tulle, but im lovin it here :]


Priscilla of Boston - the beading at the top is lovely.


Mireille Dagher

25 or 26 seem like a good age to settle down, so I still have plenty of time to decide on what I want exactly... but I can certainly see myself in the 1st dress by Pnina ♥

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