Thursday - Saturday

So yesterday I moved into my new place!
Too bad I don't have any furniture yet lol.
My previous apartment was furnished, so i didn't have to buy the main things like a couch, kitchen table, dressers, etc. But it was also an american campus community... an apartment setup for students. But now that i'm used to the area, I decided to move into a regular apartment. I can't wait to start decorating it. It's farther from the school, but it's much bigger than my last place, closer to the shopping center, & pet friendly! It's gonna be me & one of my teammates. Her & I are so much alike, I know we're gonna have a blast :)


The new season started on Thursday! Me & the BFF are really on this show! haha I think this is the only reality show i watch... i'm more into Bravo, National Geographic, A&E, discovery health, TLC, and animal planet. But yeah, who the HELL invited Angelina back?! I thought it was clear from the first season that NOBODY liked her. It was funny how at the beginning she was tellin' mike & pauly how she'll do anything to be cool w/ everyone in the house. Then when the girls get there & ignore her she wants to act like she doesn't care & she doesnt wanna be friends with them either. & she's already startin shxt by gettin in peoples' business. lol this is gonna be a gooood season!

I think it would be pretty sick to do a circus themed photo shoot! Animals, cotton candy, crazy outfits... that is a MUST do.

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